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Water Ski


Looking for an activity that will get that adrenaline pumping through your body? Then Water Skiing at Adventures Sports is something that you need to check out! Towed behind a speed boat, water skiing is a perfect activity for those who are searching for a thrilling experience. For beginners please check these tips .

If you enjoy being out on the water. The speed! The sun! The exhilaration! The fresh air! So Water Skiing is just for you.

Here are the top 8 health benefits of Water Ski:

  • Muscle Toning: There’s a misconception that water skiing is all about the lower body, but it’s simply not true. It uses every muscle in your body. It develops your posture and your shoulders and arms become quite strong because you’re getting pulled by your arms.
  • Increased Balance and Core Strength: getting up on the skis- and staying up- require you to develop both your balance and core strength.
  • Resistance Training: water skiing forces you to hold yourself up and keep going using resistance. It works core muscles, arm muscles, leg muscles, and all the muscles around them. It’s also a lot safer that using free weights which can strain your muscles, and they don’t even work the whole body.
  • Easy on the Joints: Water skiing uses just about every muscle in the body without wearing down joints because it is all body weight resistance in free range of motion.
    Promotes strong legs: Tones up your legs fast. They absorb the energy of crossing the bumpy wake behind the boat, control your direction and are bent in a half-squat throughout, giving you particularly strong quads.
  • Meditative aspect: Being on the water, much like in sailing, can have a calming effect on the mind and forces you to focus on the task at hand, forgetting about the day to day stresses and worries. Not to mention that the endorphins from being active will keep you happy and healthy!
  • Calorie burning: an hour session on water skis will burn about 400 calories.
  • Good for Overall Health: As with all forms of physical exercise, water skiing can reduce or eliminate your risk for many health problems, such as high blood pressure, diabetes and obesity. It can also reduce your risk for coronary heart disease by reducing your triglyceride levels and increasing your “good” cholesterol.
Kids Safe
Enjoy with family
Jet Ski is watersports activity which both children and adults can enjoy together with great fun.
Calorie Burner
Water Fitness
Improves cardiovascular system, Burns calories, Muscle strengthening, Improves endurance and muh more...
Adrenaline Booster
Jet Ski in Adventure sports for those who love the adrenaline. Send them on an adrenaline pumping experience!
Must Do
A must do activity
Wondering what to do during your holiday on the beach? Jet Ski is one of the best ways to have fun on the beach.

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What Our Guest Say

Thank you to you all for a great few days in Ras Al Khaimah, warm flat water, the sunshine and great ... We all thoroughly loved trying to do water skiing, finally, me and my son can do it after trying many times. 🙂

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