Our Team

Our Talented Team

Our Team

Talented Team

People remember how other people made them feel. Yes of course, luxury, cleanliness, and convenience are key to a successful recreational business like ours, but at the end of the day nobody forgets how they were treated by another human being.

At Adventure sports our main aim is to have happy customers who will always have good memories of their experiences with our activities and services. To achieve this goal we are always improving our service quality and constantly training and developing our team.

We strive to improve our service quality with over 60 staff, affiliate companies and 5 consultants to make our guests holiday happy

Management Team

Arslan Ozturkmen


Arslan has aviation background and currently he is one of the Managing director of Adventure Sports.  Holding Microlight  and sea man licence which makes him an amphibian. He believes everyday is a learning day and business credo is happy costumers.

Izzet Ozturkmen

He is one of the founder of Sky and Sea Adventures and he has been in the sea for last 25 years Izzet is the guru of the sea as fishing is his best hobby . He has  marine construction background also Izzet has captain licence.

Our Supervisors

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Tiin Arwen

Head of Scuba Diving Diving Instructor
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Mahesh Singha

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Hanifi Batak

Supervisor and Boat Captain
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Abdulkadir Kose

Supervisor and Diving Instructor

Office Heros

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Reghu Rajagopal

Chief Accountant
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Shanib Safa


Front Desk Angels

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Analyn De Vela

HR & Admin Officer in Oman
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Jennifer Peralta

Front Desk Angel
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Mitchelle Bordado Ong

Front Desk Angel


Always dedicated
Our main aim is to create happy customers


Looking Both Ways
Always empathize with guests to improve the service quality


Striving for excellence
Striving for excellence is an important part of professionalism in water sports industry


Respect to everbody
We seek respect in our professional lives so we should respect to every individual to get respect.