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Sub-tropical climate and clear skies virtually every day of the year sound too good to be true but this is what makes the UAE one of the best dive destinations in the world. From the West Coast, with its numerous wrecks, to the East Coast’s stunning array of beautiful marine life, the UAE offers exciting opportunities for divers at any level. Want to experience both, not a problem. Enjoy some wreck diving in the Arabian Gulf today followed by a day trip to see the wondrous marine life the Gulf of Oman has to offer. The waters are nearby and easily accessed for multiple dives in a single day trip. Interested in expanding your skills and training? The UAE ‘s diverse sites make it a top destination for training. There are many dozens of sites to explore (many virtually unexplored) with depths ranging from 5 to over 100 meters proving excitement for all levels of recreational and technical divers; And with over 100 different types of marine animals, the UAE is a divers paradise assured to provide memories that will last a lifetime. Already an experienced technical diver, additional wonders lie beneath the waters such as the WWII U-533 which was sunk by an RAF Blenheim Bomber. Rarely dived, this one is pristine. Many sites still wait to be discovered off the waters of Musandam, easily accessed from the UAE, this region is a treasure trove of new and undiscovered dives sites Did we forget to mention the weather? It rarely rains in the UAE and with water temperatures ranging from a temperate 20°C in January to 35°C in July and August, diving can be enjoyed year round. Perfect temperatures can be found in the spring and fall when water temperatures range from about 24°C to 28°C and surface temperatures ranging from an average of about 27°C to 34°C.

Dive Sites Of West Coast UAE

  • Anchor Barge / Barracuda Barge / Car Barge & Tug / Cement Barge (Alamina) / Derrick Barge / Hammour Barge / Hopper Barge 6 / Jasim / Jazirat Sir Bu Na'air / Lion City / Mariam Express / MV Dara / MV Hannan / MV Ludwig / Nasteran / Neptune 6 / Swift / Turtle Barge / Zainab (Wreck).

Dive Sites Of Musandam, Oman

  • The Caves / Landing Craft / Lima Rock / Bu Rashid / Ennerdale Rock / Fanaku Island / Great Quion /Island / Jazirat Al Khayl / Jazirat Hamra / Jazirat Sawda / Jazirat Musandam East Head / Jazirat Umm Al Fayyarin / Kachalu Island / Ras Dillah / Ras Dillah Ghubbat / Ras Khaysay / Ras Musandam / Ras Qabr Al Hindi / Ras Sarkan / Ruqq Suwayk / White Rock / Octopus Rock / Pearl Island / Ras Hamra / Ras Lima / Ras Marovi.

Dive Sites Of East Coast UAE

  • Anemone Gardens / Car Cemetry / Coral Gardens / Deep Reef / Dibba Island / Hole In The Wall .

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